About Poney

Poney is a next-generation platform designed with one goal in mind — to make it as efficient as possible to level up your social life. We make it super easy to spend more time with your real friends in real life.

Say goodbye to the hassle of a million text messages just to organize something — we make that process painless. Then, when you get together, add a fun competitive layer to it via custom leaderboards and leagues so you can secure bragging rights over a weekend or over years.

Join us this summer for the Poney Pilot Program as we test our core features and host our first bespoke promotional events! When you're playing five times more pickleball this summer because Poney made it so easy to schedule... you're welcome. We are just getting started and we'd love your feedback as we start this adventure together.

Poney enables you to plan and schedule your weekly league, your big night out, your kids' sports, or anything you enjoy, and then create a fun competitive social layer around it with leaderboards, XP points, and the ability to bet on it via virtual currency. In fact, with Poney, you can bet on literally anything you want, while scheduling all the social events you can imagine.

Eventually, you’ll be able to manage your weekly league while running fantasy over top of it — you and your friends become your own fantasy league — with it all rolling up into leaderboards that show your crew, and the world, who’s the best. Win on Poney and redeem for IRL prizes via our fantastic promotional partners. Really, with Poney, we're re-inventing the intersection of mobile gaming, competitive betting, league competition, and your social life.

Poney is wholly-owned by PIKL Worldwide, an Angel-funded start-up co-located in Los Angeles and Helsinki, and co-founded by industry veterans with decades of experience in technology, media, and branded entertainment.

We've been at this 'internet thing' long enough to have owned a Nokia 5150 and to have survived Y2K.

We believe there is a better direction forward for social media — where it's more social than media, where it brings real friends together rather than algorithmically isolating strangers into silos, where the user isn't the advertising product. Poney starts to walk that walk.

Please note: if you wanna be a troll, stick with old school social media!