Poney app launch screen

Level Up Your Social Life

  • Schedule events with friends
  • Build custom leagues and leaderboards
  • Bet on literally anything you want
  • Win your weekend!

Only available in the United States... for now.

How Poney Works

Create your event
Create Events with Friends

Schedule, invite, add it to your calendar, put it on the map, all quick and in one place.

Climb the leaderboards
Build Custom Leagues, Climb the Leaderboards

Earn bragging rights, win prizes — who doesn't want to beat your buddies and let them know about it?

Place your bet
Bet On Anything You Want

Friendly competition makes everything more fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions. We've got answers.

What is Poney?

Poney is a next-generation platform designed with one goal in mind — to make it as efficient as possible to level up your social life. We make it super easy to spend more time with your real friends in real life.

Say goodbye to the hassle of a million text messages to organize something — we make that process painless. Then, when you get together, add a fun competitive layer via custom leaderboards and leagues so you can secure bragging rights for a weekend or for years.

We here at Poney believe that social media turned out to be more media than social, that the infinite scroll is a toxic waste of time, and that people are really looking for a better way to interact. We power those real-life events with robust features to schedule and host anything you want to do with friends – the weekly pickleball league, kids’ sports, the regular Book Club, Girls Night Out, and more.

Even better, Poney enables you to join the hang-out virtually, so that you can monitor and participate even if you aren’t physically there. Friends are friends, even if they are stuck at home or halfway around the world.

We also believe that a little competition makes friend time even more fun, so Poney enables you to compete and bet on anything, whether it’s the events you schedule or just quick, spur-of-the-moment ideas. Traditional betting always has winners and losers but, here at Poney, it’s all win-win. No matter the result of a bet, you’re still spending time with friends — that's the important thing.

Moreso, you can build custom leaderboards and league tables for any activity. You can gain experience points and climb leaderboards (even when you lose), you can redeem those points for real-world prizes (coming soon!), and you earn a little social currency to clown your buddies. What's better than that?

What is the Poney Pilot Program?

The Poney Pilot Program launches Summer 2024 to test our core features and to host our first bespoke promotional events! We are big fans of summertime, and big fans of alliteration, and we think Poney can take this summer to the next level. When you're playing five times as much pickleball this summer because Poney makes scheduling so easy... you're welcome!

We are just getting started and we'd love your feedback as we start this adventure together.

What do Poney Bucks do?

Poney Bucks are the virtual currency inside the Poney app experience. Primarily, Poney Bucks are used to fulfill bets with other players inside the app. Eventually, Poney Bucks will be able to be redeemed for digital goods inside the app and real-world value outside the app through contests, partner promotions, redemption exchanges, and more.

Does Poney involve real money?

Poney involves real money only to the extent that players have the option to use real money to purchase Poney Bucks that enable you to place bets with other players in the app. We're more focused on having a good time with our friends IRL rather than worrying about making a couple bucks off them.

Is Poney legal? Specifically, is the betting via Poney legal?

Yes, Poney is 100% legal. All betting inside Poney is done with virtual currency inside the app. Virtual currency (aka, Poney Bucks) can both be earned through different actions inside the app and be purchased with real money in the app via the app stores (currently only Apple's App Store).

All betting is totally optional; if you just want to use the features and enjoy the experience without betting, you are more than welcome on Poney!

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